We have used books on every topic a spiritual traveler may be seeking.  We also have a collection of current new books on metaphysical topics.  Come in and browse.


Incense, herbal salts and candles from around the world, to help you relax and take an inward journey toward peace and understanding! 


CDs for relaxation,  meditation and massage...

We have a wide variety of essential oils and herbs. 

 Crystals and statues of breathtaking beauty!

Statues of devotion for all practitioners.

New items arrive every day.  We look forward to being one-stop shopping for all your spiritual needs.

Spiritual art for celebration

Sacred stones and healing crystals.

Crystals, healing stones, jewelry, books, incense and much more.

Our Crystal Healing Bed provides alignment of your chakras, deep relaxation, stress relief and inner healing.

Our AURA CAMERA assists you with chakra analysis, right here at the store, our state of the art equipment will give you a detailed report and full color printout!

Herbal salts and salt lamps, and beautiful wall hangings.

Cards, books, tarot decks, oracle cards, statues, chimes and more to help you learn, evolve and enjoy your journey.

 We offer CD's for meditation and relaxation and a wide selection of Tarot decks and Oracle cards.

Stones, mandalas, prayer flags, statues, color-therapy glasses and crafted works of all kinds.

Objects and curios from the world over, crystals and stones, prayer flags and ancient art replicas too.

Beautiful prayer flags and wall hangings.

Fill your world with visual beauty and healing colors...


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