The People’s Church of Divine Prophecy


The People’s Church of Divine Prophecy intends to provide answers to the inquiring mind not provided by most conventional religions.  There is no exclusion because of present or past beliefs and there is not a requirement to abandon any current held belief to enjoy the full benefits of our teachings.   Our teaching adds to others, not replaces them.


We profess a belief in God, who has dominion over all creation, both here and hereafter, and acts in a benevolent fashion towards all of mankind.  A better understanding of this Spiritual action, called Grace, is action towards every individual helping to lead us to better lives, and acts in a progressive approach to our life here-and-now, as well as preparing us well for our life hereafter.


This understanding comes from many sources: Known Divine manuscripts, Intuitive Inspiration through trained individuals, Hands on Healing, direct communication from God and His Spiritual Intermediaries, also Prayer and Personal Mediation.  Our belief is in a progressive unfoldment of the individual soul, though not a subjective unfoldment based on a fixed  creed.


There is no claim of exclusivity, meaning an understanding that all religions have truth within them and our claim is that we are “A Way” and not necessarily “The Way”.  All religions and spiritual organizations are appropriate for those embracing them, as we are a spiritual belief based on attraction rather than conversion.


Our belief in Prophets from the past, such as Jesus, Abraham and Krishna is that they are real and truly existed in their time.  We profess a kinship with their humanity and the Divine development of their conscious connection to God, allowing them to perform the acts reported in their sacred texts.  We however are not a “Savior-God” based belief, as we consider that the practice of Personal Responsibility is of virtuous merit and intent.


All are welcome to our church until they feel the need to progress onward to the next level of their creative and divine purpose.  Though, all are welcome back at anytime to be in the harmony and light produced by personal involvement of their Eternal Spiritual Self.


Herbert Spencer once said:

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance--- that principle is contempt prior to investigation.













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